Emu Architects Wins Free Copy of Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD

Incredibly exciting news: we won a FREE copy of Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD. Please see the following article on Graphisoft’s website:

Italian Architecture Firm Wins Monthly “Experience BIM” Competition

Budapest, September 11, 2009 – Architect Enrico Bonilauri of Emu Architects has won a free commercial license of ArchiCAD 12 in the “Experience BIM” competition.

Enrico Bonilauri, Italy

“Before starting my own company, I had several jobs as a draftsman in architecture in Italy and Australia. We used a 2D CAD to do the actual design and detailing, then we had to build a 3D model for renderings, and we used a separate spreadsheet to calculate project costs, material quantities, element schedules and so on. All of this was incredibly time consuming and subject to process errors.

In most of these companies the people who were in charge of the IT had never been draftsmen themselves, so they just did not understand the huge difference between a common 2D CAD and the BIM concept.

ArchiCAD allows for an incredible amount of control over the whole design process, with much higher productivity and precision than any other 2D CAD I have ever used. Also, ArchiCAD provides me with a wide range of design and documentation tools such as 3D documents, fly-through and sun study movie maker. More design and documentation software like EcoDesigner, Virtual Building Explorer and Google Earth Connections will simply make printed media a thing of the past as far as communicating architectural design.

The Interactive Training guide provided a quick learning experience to understand the basic workflow and the concept of BIM. More free learning material and the ArchiCADWiki website are available to improve the productivity in everyday use, and the online forum community is always ready to help out with answers and comments based on years of experience.”

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