‘Gli Italiani e il Solare’ (Italians and Solar Technology) | Report for 2010

Last Wednesday, at the opening event for EcoMondo in Rimini, the study “Gli Italiani e il Solare” (Italians and Solar Technology) was presented. It was commissioned by  Fotowatio Renewable Ventures Italia and executed via a phone survey of about 8,000 Italians by IPR Marketing.

Among many other results, the study revealed the following interesting facts:

– 60% of the people interviewed agreed that environmental sustainability is a “necessary” part of development, and 28% said that they believe it is an “opportunity for economic development” specifically.

– 53% of the interviewees believed that this subject is barely heard of in the Italian market, while 71% say that Europe in general is very responsive to the subject of environmental sustainability.

– As consumers, a large percentage of the people interviewed claimed that they pay attention to the sustainable practices of companies and businesses they purchase goods or services from. Specifically, 85% said they are aware of ecologically sensitive buildings, 81% of restaurants that source sustainable food, and 80% of supermarket products. 71% of the interviewees agreed that their individual activities are important with respect to the environment.

– A large portion of the people interviewed associate a ‘green economy’ with renewable energy (43%).

79% of the Italians interviewed believed that Italy should focus on solar technology in the future, while only 18% favored investments in nuclear energy. The most supportive demographic of solar technology were residents of city centers (95%), were women (87%) and were between 18 and 34 years old, while the men were slightly more in favor of nuclear (21% versus the 18% of women) and wind energy technology (38% versus 19% of the women). Residents of Northern Italy aged 35-54 were more in favor of installing solar technology on their own buildings (91% and 98%, respectively).

– 90% believed that the solar energy is the safest and 61% the most expensive compared to other energy sources.

– While only 6% of the people questioned would be ok with their child working in a nuclear plant, and only 1% in a traditional electrical plant… 79% said that they would have no problem advising their child to work in a solar plant.

90% believed that the Italian government should be offering more incentives for renewable energy.

52% of the interviewees declared no knowledge of the current legislative incentives (Conto Energia – Energy Bill), while the percentage was 62% last September.

This study and its results are helping to spread the idea of ‘sustainability’ as a cultural value. It is also becoming increasingly evident that the energy choices implemented by the government are not at all effective or far-sighted. The arrangements for new nuclear power stations by the French government, the gradual decrease of the incentives of the Energy Bill, and the as of yet not renewed tax deduction for 55% for energy conservation in construction are all signs of a clear interest in maintaining a monopoly in the market National Energy.

Italians should remember these details when it comes to electing a new Parliament.

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