Graphisoft announces Archicad 15

The new features of ArchiCad 15 are visible on Graphisoft website.

We had a look at the presentation videos to have a preview of what this upgrade is going to be about.

Graphisoft seems to have done a lot of work to reinvent the modelling process.
The feature I’m probably most excited about is the “renovation” package:  this may ease our workflow a lot.

They also worked on the IFC compatibility: I have to say, I never used IFC standard so far, so I cannot say much about it.

Finally, finally, mac users like us are going to be able to enjoy the 64 bit era. GDL libraries have been renewed too.

On the Teamwork side, there seems to be quite a lot of work going on for online BIM collaboration. We were offered to take part to some pilot projects, but we had to decline for lack of time.

It looks like Archicad 15 is going to be a major release. After a one track minded AC13 (focus on Teamwork 2.0), and a rather uneventful AC14 (focus on …?), we are actually excited to receive our upgrade. If Archicad 15 delivers what the preview movies are showing, then the money for 2011 the money for the upgrade were well spent.

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