Fuorisalone Milano 2012: the Brera Design District – Miyazaki Chairs, HomeLess Design Network, and the Austrian Design Expo

While I did not by any means get to see the entire Brera district during my short stay in Milan, I did run into the following interesting displays which I would recommend to anyone heading in that direction:

The Miyazaki Chair Factory from Japan has their first exhibition at Milan’s Design Week, tucked away on a little back street in the Brera district – Via Ciovasso, near the intersection of Via Brera and Via dell’Orso. Not only were their chairs gorgeous, they were incredibly comfortable as well.

The HomeLess ‘home with less’ design network on the same street had a very interesting collection of products by individual designers, my favorite of which were The Corner Ladder (a ladder that collapses into one vertical piece), the Micol lamps (very graceful wooden and polycarbonate lamps designed by Cristiano Mino), and wooden products by London Green Wood (a community group that runs courses on working with locally sourced timber using traditional hand tools).

The Austrian design showroom, designed by Pudelskern, housed many interesting Austrian designs including the ‘Rock and Roll’ table by Team7 and the Tischbett Tavoletto by Georg Gressenbauer and Pia Meisl.

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