Passive House Days in Cavriago: a great success

On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th, our construction site in Cavriago was open to the public for the International Passive House Days. On Friday 13th, the local Scuola Edile visited us for a class on energy efficiency.

The event was a great success: the unexpected number of visitors (more than 100!) shows the great interest for Passive Houses in Italy.

In Cavriago, we’re currently building two certified Passive Houses, with a load bearing concrete frame and baked clay blocks as infill, and a wooden roof.  For the first time in the world for a “warm” country, the whole construction system is being certified: we’re going to present it at the 2016 International Passive House Conference in Darmstadt, Germany.

A - scuola edile
A moment during the visit of the local Scuola Edile.

The event attracted over one hundred people, with a mixture of professionals and non professionals. We’d like to thank the visitors who came from Garfagnana and Faenza (over 100 km away!), as well as people from Reggio Emilia, Modena, Parma and Cremona.

We also would like to thank the local Architect’s Association, who attributed continued education credits to our event. Our site was visited by over twenty architects.

F - cucina
The construction site open to the public, on Saturday and Sunday.

The event was a success: one of its main goal was to locally share information about Passive Houses. For this reason, we are considering replicating the event later on, probably around February 2016.

We include here the photos of the information panels we prepared for the event.

01 - Edificio preesistente
Pre-existing building
02 - Salute e comfort
Heath and comfort
03 - La Casa Passiva
The Passive House
04 - Progettare una Casa Passiva
The design of a Passive House
05 - Dettagli costruttivi
Construction details
06 - Calcolo dei ponti termici
Thermal bridges
07 - Ventilazione meccanica e tenuta aria
Mechanical ventilation and airtightness
08 - Foto di cantiere
Construction photos
09 - I costi di una Casa Passiva
Costs of a Passive House
10 - Il pannello solare più efficiente - La finestra
The most efficient solar panel: the window
11 - Verifiche in cantiere
On site verification

12 - Certificazione

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