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We took part to the “Train the trainer” class, organised by the Passivhaus Institut of Darmstadt on the days following the 2016 edition of the International Passive House Conference.

The class is geared towards passive house experts, who intend to become teachers in the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant class (CPHD/CPHC) and in the Certified Tradesperson class.

The participants to the class, from about ten different countries of the world.

In our case, the participants were a very mixed group, with people from different parts of the world including Ireland, England, Canada and Australia, as well as Spain and Italy.

One exercise on how to organise different teaching units of the Designer/Consultant class.

The goal of the class was “learn how to teach”, with different communication strategies depending wether the topic was geared towards designers or tradespeople.

An example on how to present the teaching material, in the case of a class for craftsmen.

We particularly appreciated the constant interaction with the trainers of the Passivhaus Institut, as well as with the other participants.

An “advanced” question: participants were required to come to the class with two questions on passive houses. These questions were discussed with the class, to find answers from other participants, or from the trainers of the Passivhaus Institut.

We found the class particularly interesting, both for the content – “learn how to teach” – and for the international background of the participants.

You can find our offer for advanced continuing education on our Training page.

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