Emu’s interview with the Insulation Institute: “For Better Homes, Is it Net Zero or Passive House?”

Our very own Enrico Bonilauri was recently interviewed for NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association), the most recognized voice of the insulation industry on this side of the pond.

Insulation Institute

Their mission is “to enable a more comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable future through insulation”, so we welcomed the opportunity to give our two cents on why we believe you have to be careful with terminology.

Referring to Net-Zero often allows us to retreat into our “gadget” culture, as Enrico calls it, and forget about the most important part of better building – the people. “Our buildings and cities aren’t going to be fixed by gadgets,” he says in the interview. “If your building quality is poor, PV panels are not going to make it better,” Bonilauri notes.  “People need to be able to live and work in a building that is healthy and comfortable and solar does nothing for either health or comfort.”

Read the full interview here: “For Better Homes, is it Net Zero or Passive House?”

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