Red Lodge Passive House pilot project rendering

Emu is proud to announce the launch of the Red Lodge Passive House pilot project!

It’s moments like these when we really love what we do.

In case you haven’t noticed, we kind of think standardization is a really big deal. At Emu, we are constantly striving to bring the substantial benefits of virtual prototyping and dynamic simulation to all facets of the construction industry by working with builders, designers, and manufacturers to greatly reduce the cost of high-performance construction.

Therefore, we are pretty darn excited to announce the official launch of a partnership with Beartooth Passive House and Love Schack Architecture.

About the Passive House Pilot Project

The Red Lodge Passive House, slated for groundbreaking in Spring 2018, will be located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Montana. Both Beartooth and Love Schack share our vision of how the Passive House standard can influence the future of the construction industry, and we have been lucky to find an opportunity to collaborate with them on an intimate project that can have a big impact.

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Red Lodge Passive House pilot project rendering


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