The results of the Emu Mockup naming competition at our last happy hour

In December, at another one of our rockin’ Passive House happy hours, we unveiled a rough prototype of a mockup (which we creatively called “The Box” at the time) to be used as part of the new hands-on workshop curriculum in our classes to become a Certified Passive House Tradesperson.

Two of our pilot manufacturer partners, Alpen HPP and SIGA Cover, generously donated materials to make it happen, and Enrico and Saba spent a few hours outside in the parking lot here at Tradecraft, assembling the pieces and testing out the teaching method for showing off all that the Passive House standard has to offer.

We brilliantly decided to open up a naming competition for “The Box”. Many names were suggested and written on post-it notes. Many opinions were volunteered and reactions logged. And a winner was selected, submitted by an anonymous character, and with the enthusiastic support of many, many people.

Keep in mind, the intention of this fun little exercise was to come up with some genius, clever name from the collective pool of intellectual prowess represented by the happy hour attendees. Something that communicated Passive House, air tightness, thermal insulation, quality in construction.

You guys picked “Mitch”.


And, so we have…. Mitch, the Emu Mockup.


Before you ask… no, it was not a particularly close competition. Apparently “Mitch” speaks to people. I did think there were some other fantastically clever options, though. The other submittals were:

  • The Hotbox
  • Sunshine Box
  • Camo Window Trim
  • The Birdhouse
  • Duck Blind
  • Viewmaster 2000
  • In”fun”structure
  • The Crib
  • Tighty Whitey
  • The Bird Perch
  • The Bill
  • Light Box
  • Emu “Peep” Show
  • Voyeur Box
  • Enrico’s Parabox
  • El Rincon
  • Viewmaster
  • The Tight Shed
  • The Air Tight Tardis
  • Chalet
  • Pheb (Passive House Emu Box)

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