Emu Pilot Program Update

Meet the Rocky Mountain pioneers of our Passive Pilot Program:

In our quest to preach Passive to the masses, we’ve been moving along on our plan to standardize building science for mainstream application. Our first Pilot Project will be completed this year, and we’ve already initiated data monitoring for moisture content. This will allow us to make sure we offer a standardized system that matches the model with reality.

We are excited to announce a 4th Pilot Project, and the second located in Climate Zone 5:

Greg D. Fisher, Architect, in Fort Collins, Colorado, is a design and service-centered practice focusing on simple, progressive, authentic and responsible designs since 1993. This project will be the architect’s own home, and an opportunity to showcase the benefits of an integrated Passive design/build approach. See the full rendering below and stay tuned for more info:

Our pioneer Pilot Partner, Beartooth Passive House, is forging ahead through the winter in Red Lodge, Montana. Windows are in, roof is up, and moisture sensors are installed and collecting data! We encourage you to follow the progress here.

Our challenging Climate Zone 7 Pilot Project with Everett Building is in design phase, scheduled to break ground this Spring. In collaboration with kt814, it will be a contemporary design set into a beautiful hill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Our local Denver Partners, Abiding Oak Builders, are in design phase with their Pilot Project and are working at preparing the wooded Larkspur, Colorado, site for the build later this Spring.

Stay tuned for more info!

Warm climates, we see you.

Remember – Passive design and construction in warmer climates is just as important for health and comfort. Insulation does NOT cause overheating; otherwise none of us would put koozies on our beer cans in the summer, right?

Keep it cool. #BuildPassive in warm climates.

Next up, we’ll start actively seeking projects in warmer climates interested in showcasing Passive as a cost-effective way to keep cool. Get in touch for more info.

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