Today Marks a Milestone in American Passive House Professional Training

We are pleased to announce that today, PHI accreditation exams for Passive House construction professionals are being conducted simultaneously in Denver, Minneapolis, and Oakland.

Through Emu’s partnerships with excellent host organizations like the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN), Home Energy Services (Steve Mann), and Green Building Alliance (GBA), we have been able to license our CPHT curriculum to qualified trainers all over the country. Our goal is to get this essential builder training into the hands of as many communities as possible.

For the past two years, the course textbook has been the foundation of the material we license to our partner Trainers. All of our teachers are Passive House experts that have undergone their own professional credentialing, as well as shadowing of an Emu course to see how we apply the curriculum in our Colorado classes.

Here in Colorado, at our HQ in Arvada (just outside of Denver), we also run the Passive Pod Workshop – a hands-on, brand-neutral exploration into the practical application of the building science we teach in class.

Products are donated from generous and brave manufacturers all over the country, with the understanding that we will explore the good, bad, and ugly of all the options on the market. Emu conducts 3rd party PHI certification of components, as well as voluntary verification of manufacturer claims.

Emu’s Passive Pod Workshop

Students are divided into teams, given roles to simulate a job site, and a manual with plans for their Pod build. Supervisors must submit photos of their Passive House constructions in order to receive “certification” from the Trainer.

At the end of the class, we test the Pods for air leakage, thermal bridges, and resiliency. Follow us on Instagram to see how the Podlympics turn out today!


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