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Thermal bridges: the mice and the elephants | Monday BS

In the world of thermal bridges there are mice and there are elephants. A mouse may not warrant the budget and time to mitigate, unless you have an infestation (lots of small thermal bridges). An elephant in the room, though, is something you can’t live with. Wood is typically a mouse, whereas steel or concrete are typically elephants. Join Emu’s Mariana Pickering as she shares one our favorite analogies from our coursework for Certified Passive House Tradespeople. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our upcoming courses.

What is this series?

We’re trying a thing. Join Emu Co-Founder, Mariana Pickering, for a super casual and quick 5 -10 min video every Monday covering some commonly asked B.S. (Building Science) questions we get as Passive House educators. Requests for future topics highly encouraged in the comments!

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