Xcel announces historic incentive package for Passive House rebuilds in the Marshall Fire area

Xcel Energy has announced a tiered incentive package designed to encourage families who were affected by the Marshall Fire in Boulder County Colorado, to consider rebuilding to a higher standard than baseline building code. Those who pursue Passive House certification could be eligible for $37,500 in rebates from Xcel alone, not to mention local and state incentives that are still being released.

Why do we believe Xcel has recognized Passive House in particular?

Builders who pursue Passive House as their educational pathway learn the most advanced building science practices that international research has to offer. Whether they are building a certified Passive House, a Net-Zero home, or a high-performance dwelling, they apply their knowledge to their craft every day. The resulting projects guarantee less stress on the overall grid infrastructure, higher consumer savings in expenses for heating and cooling, and a huge leap toward the 2030 and 2050 goals our nation needs to meet in order to preserve our way of life on this planet. 

Buildings are for people, not the planet. Passive House is good for both.

The Passive House standard is a performance metric based on international best-practices for advanced building science. But the most impressive value proposition it offers is the impact on human health and wellness. Want to learn more? Watch our free 1hr mini-course on the value of Passive House.

Were you impacted by the Marshall Fire?

Please check our Resources page for more links, and let us know if there is anything in particular you are looking for. Emu does not offer services directly to homeowners, but we do engage with project teams to support professionals via training and standardized building science services. If you are interested in building a Passive House, we HIGHLY recommend that you select a designer and builder familiar with, if not accredited in, the Passive House standard. Emu is here to assist your project team in crossing the goal line, but they have to want to engage in the process. A great place to start is by asking your builder to answer these simple questions.

The Colorado Green Building Guild, with support from Boulder County, hosted an information session, “What to Ask Before You Build – Advice from Green Building Pro’s” event on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 for Marshall Fire-impacted residents in Boulder County. you can watch the presentation in the YouTube recording.

Read more on our Marshall Fire Rebuild Resources page.

More news is coming out about this in coming days and weeks, and we highly recommend that readers stay in touch with resources like the Colorado Green Building Guild and others for updated resources.

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