3 Passive House Tips from Builders to Architects | Monday BS

Hey architects and designers! Do you want a good Passive House builder to work with you?

Give ’em a hand, then. Here are the Top 3 things we hear over and over again from builder alumni from our course for Certified Passive House Tradespeople.

1. Make the form factor better! Compact forms are easier to insulate and air-seal and lead to higher performance for a lower budget. Not sure how to do that? Get a Preliminary Passive House Review for early concept stage design advice – https://emupassive.com/services/prelim-phpp/

2. Reduce the number of penetrations! Consolidate and strategize when and where services need to penetrate the air barrier, because each one of those is a few hours lost to a builder keeping a good eye on his/her subs.

3. Windows, windows, windows. Model them early, talk about them early with the client, and please please bring them to the builder early. Not only are they dealing with supply chain issues, but sometimes installation can be quite complicated. Give them a head start.

What is this series?

We’re trying a thing. Join Emu Co-Founder, Mariana Pickering, for a super casual and quick 5 -10 min video every Monday covering some commonly asked B.S. (Building Science) questions we get as Passive House educators. Requests for future topics highly encouraged in the comments!

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