More Jobsite Wondering – Commercial

This game is fun, let’s try it again!
What do you see here?
Just walking down the streets of Bozeman, MT, with @emumariana before our Passive House Builder Workshop starts tomorrow.
These photos will also end up in the next update of our Passive House textbook.


  1. This one is a much harder conundrum. As your clearly addressing the patio spaces creating the thermal bridge and the post tensioned slab edges. These are some of the hardest to get rid of as people want more access to the outdoors when its nice out. In this case your changing occupancy type therefore it triggers fire rated separations and depending on the use class possibly IBC Type 1 construction. This removes wood from your structural frame. The exterior façade can still be Lsturburik type perfect wall curtain isolating the slab edge, but it’s pretty hard to keep the deck cantilever.
    There is one of these going up right across City of FOCO building dept right now with a ZIPR assembly cut out around the perimeter slab edge so much for detailing.

    1. At this stage of the project, it’s unclear whether or not the building is going to have exterior insulation. Given this is in cz 6, I’d guess yes. The big sore is the balcony slabs, which won’t be thermally broken. That’s a solid 10″ concrete slab going straight through to the outside!

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