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Meet Mariana. She’s a Co-Founder of Emu. Learn why…

Hey, Mariana, why Passive?
Why not just build better?

Because what does “build better” mean, really? Everyone knows what building “to code” means. And everyone has ideas about how to improve upon code and build in better ways. But, as far as I am aware, the Passive standard is the most stringent codified, performance-based set of criteria – actual metrics to which someone can model a project. Also… it does NOT cost a fortune to certify (wink). I am passionate about training builders because they have a heavy burden to bear and a potentially exponential impact on the future of this planet. To that end, Passive is my internal benchmark, not my religion. Our climate action goals, as a community, will not be met with incremental progress. And Passive level standards are proven to be attainable and affordable. Thumbing your nose at well-researched building standards is in line with climate change skepticism. I have spoken. 😉

Mariana Pickering, Co-Founder of Emu, is a recovering architect and an expert in communicating the construction industry’s movement towards a better understanding of building science and sustainability. With over a decade of work on high-performance projects and products across three continents, she is passionate about translating data, results, and needs into stories that help shift the cultures and mentalities of building professionals towards change. Past experiences include working with Bill Becker on the 2016 Presidential Climate Action Plan, acting as a 2017 founding member of Passive House Rocky Mountains, and being elected as the 2018-19 elected Chair of the Denver Chapter of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society. She currently manages strategic partnerships and the licensing of Emu’s Certified Passive House Tradesperson curriculum, organizes the Colorado Passive House Happy Hour, and makes the wheels turn at Emu.


Professional Affiliations

  • PHI Certified Passive House Tradesperson
  • Accredited LEED AP BD+C via USGBC
  • Board of Directors member for Colorado Renewable Energy Society
  • 2018-19 Chair of Metro Denver Chapter of CO Renewable Energy Society
  • Co-Founder of Passive House Rocky Mountains


Mariana G Pickering
CEO of Emu Systems

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