Insulation Game Results

Warning: this is *all* B.S. (Building Science)

Thank you for playing our Insulation Game. Your answers will be analyzed and we will email you with prizes and perks in the coming days.

Meanwhile, how do you think you did? Remember that the the R-Value measures the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Here is some more information about various insulation types, ranked from lowest to highest R-Value (with a couple caveats – did you know that installation can effect insulation performance by up to 40%??) :

XPS foam board – 4.2 R/in

Mineral wool board – 4 R/in

Cork board – 3.7 R/in

Wood fiber board – 3.6 R/in

Hemp batt – 3.5 R/in

Cellulose batt – 3.5 R/in

Fiberglass loose fill – 2.5 R/in (up to 4 if dense packed)

Sheep wool loose fill – 2.5 R/in (up to 4.3 if dense packed)

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