Marshall Fire Rebuild Resources

As Boulder Country residents are beginning to think about the path toward rebuilding after the tragic loss of so many homes in the Marshall Fire, there is a lot to consider. It can be overwhelming.

This page is meant to serve as a point of reference for any information Emu can offer to the community as a resource. Please scroll down for the following sections:

  • Xcel Incentive Program
  • Colorado Green Building Guild
  • Qualified Passive House Professionals
  • How to start a Passive House build

Xcel Incentive Program

In an historic direct-to-customer incentive package, Xcel has committed to a multi-tiered rebate program based on building performance over minimum code requirements.

Learn more on Xcel's Marshall Fire Recovery Resources page.

For Marshall Fire rebuilds that achieve Passive House certification, customers are eligible for a $37,500 rebate from Xcel.

Colorado Green Building Guild

The Colorado Green Building Guild, with support from Boulder County, hosted an information session, “What to Ask Before You Build – Advice from Green Building Pro’s” event on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 for Marshall Fire-impacted residents in Boulder County. The YouTube recording is below.

About CGBG: Colorado Green Building Guild strives to ensure the widespread adoption of sustainable building practices to increase the efficient use of resources, create healthier indoor environments, and support vibrant, sustainable communities throughout Colorado.

This is a volunteer led organization with many members and board directors who were affected personally by the Marshall Fire and other wildfires. Please be patient as this group of individuals makes every effort to provide relevant resources to families in need.

Passive House Qualified Professionals

Emu is the leading education provider for Passive House builders in America and Australia. We have over 100 alumni of our Certified Passive House Tradesperson course in Colorado alone.

Our Emu Mob Directory is a list of construction industry professionals who have completed Emu’s 10-Unit Core Curriculum to become a Certified Passive House Tradesperson, and are therefore Emu Alumni.

Builders who pursue Passive House as their educational pathway learn the most advanced building science practices that international research has to offer. Whether they are building a certified Passive House, a Net-Zero home, or a high-performance dwelling, they apply their knowledge to their craft every day.

For a full list of all PHI accredited professionals, please refer to the Passive House Institute’s international database.

How to Start a Passive House Build

Are you interested in building a Passive House, but not sure where to start? It’s all about building a good project team.

Emu does not offer services directly to homeowners, but we do engage with project teams to support professionals via training and standardized building science services. If you are interested in building a Passive House, we HIGHLY recommend that you select a designer and builder familiar with, if not accredited in, the Passive House standard. Emu is here to assist your project team in crossing the goal line, but they have to want to engage in the process.

How do you know if your builder is ready for a Passive House build?

You can also refer your project team to the following pages on our website to learn more.

Read more about Emu’s Passive House Training for builders, and send your preferred builder to us.

Have your Designer submit your concept design for a Preliminary Passive House Review.

Apply to our Pilot Program for standardized Passive House construction details.