Girondola Passive House

Design and construction of a Passive House duplex with green roof in the Pratonera Development of Cavriago (RE), Italy.

This project is a joint development with our sister company, Roverella SRL. The design phase is currently on hold until the completion of two other passive houses in Cavriago. Eventually this two-family duplex, conveniently located in the Pratonera Development near Pianella Shopping Center, will be for sale by Roverella SRL.

Casa Passiva Girondola - Emu Architetti - 001

History of the site “Pratonera”:

  • The oldest sign of settlement is a Paleolithic artefact uncovered here (1).
  • The settlement “Pratonera” is first recorded in 1337 and again in 1447 (2).
  • In 1485, the army of Guido Torello was sent to sack and burn the settlement, bringing it under the jurisdiction of Reggio until 1796 (3).
  • The original buildings constituting the historic village have largely been restored. Several of the building types located between Via Codignolo and Via Girondola still retain their original structural characteristics and volumetric surveys, including both detached and row houses, although there are no architectural details of significant value.
  • There is a nineteenth-century shrine located at the end of Via Codignolo, as well as an altarpiece on the bank of the West side of Via Girondola.
  • There are a few other notable farm buildings on Via Aspromonte.


Reggio Emilia Turismo – La Bella Provincia > Cavriago > Pratonera

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