Hourly Consultation

Are you a pro who needs a little 3rd party backup or peer review? Are you a newbie who needs an experienced eye on something?

At Emu, we are dedicated to supporting our colleagues to achieve healthier, more efficient, more durable and cost effective buildings. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, no matter how small the request. As Passive House professionals well know, sometimes a detail can make a big difference, and sometimes hesitancy can lead to bigger problems to fix down the line.

Schedule an hourly consultation session with our in-house Passive House geek! It will be time well spent for your project. We get to the heart of the issue at hand, and we can help identify concrete next steps for cost-effectiveness.

Request more information:

Some items that might require a quick consult include:

  • peer review your own analyses (ex: of thermal bridges, WUFI Pro, or PHPP)
  • high level comparison of different products for specific applications
  • clarification of and support in international calculation standards
  • Passive House certification support (buildings or components)
  • feedback on energy efficiency detailing, cost effectiveness, and implementation


Meet our Chief Building Science Geek, Enrico Bonilauri.

Click Enrico’s bushy eyebrows to go to his bio and learn more about why he loves spreadsheets so much 😉

Looking for a Passive House Feasibility Study ?

Check out how we engage design teams in a Passive House Feasibility Study and Preliminary PHPP Review to help you make early choices that can have big impacts down the line. See just how close to Passive you can get, or find out what hurdles are likely to stand in your way.