Emu construction systems presentation


Standardization. Simplification.

We believe that the future of construction systems and the industry lies in the standardization and simplification of advanced building science through virtual prototyping and dynamic simulation.


Consider applying for our Pilot Program to use our pre-vetted standardized system. We are in Pilot Phase for single-family residential (including retrofits), and we have plans for multifamily and commercial next.



Let’s face it – the construction industry is changing rapidly.

Transparency and accountability are shifting the way we do business, adding liabilities and risks to the already difficult job of building high-performing, energy-efficient designs. A shortage of skilled labor means we are constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency on the job site with simple and familiar methods of building, even as products are becoming more complex.

Construction defect litigators and insurance companies are equipped with advanced tools to help pinpoint errors in installation. So why aren’t we using those same tools to avoid errors?


NOT using simulation to predict the reality of a job site is a substantial competitive disadvantage.

Just ask the aerospace industry. They’ve been using virtual prototyping for years as a way to reduce the substantial costs associated with building high performance, complicated equipment.

As net-zero, passive, LEED, and other code-compliant buildings become more complex and the interdependency of products and materials becomes more intricate, virtual prototyping and dynamic simulation are fast becoming economic ways to avoid future costs.


What is the cost of poor design? What is the cost of delay?

When standardized systems have been tested and analyzed ahead of time, project teams can implement complex building science in a simple and proven way. By testing the system virtually, we can design assemblies and junctions for ease of installation, using products that have been pre-vetted and bulk priced for inclusion in the system.


“This is the way we’ve always done it.”

Great. How’s that working? How many change orders do you issue? How many problems pop up that delay construction? How many high-performance goals do you compromise in order to stay on budget?


Building anything physical is about trying, failing, learning, and making it better the next time. Virtually tested systems allow us to fail faster, more times, for less money, and no risk.


JOIN US in failing faster, so we can achieve more.

Emu is currently seeking builders, manufacturers, and designers who value the risk reduction and affordability that standardized construction systems can provide.

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