Beartooth Passive House – Red Lodge, MT

Tully Gallagher, of Beartooth Passive House, first approached Emu as an interested new student of Passive construction techniques, which he intended to employ on building his own family’s home in Red Lodge, Montana. He joined our advanced builder CPHT training course, where his passion and precision became evident right away. 

Around the same time, we were beginning to put together our Pilot Program and started seeking out projects that might fit as testing grounds for our standardized Passive construction system. Working with Tully was a natural fit, and the Red Lodge Passive House by Beartooth became our pioneering first Pilot Project. 

Throughout his build, we’ve found his feedback on our system and his collaboration in gathering data invaluable. His Instagram feed (scroll down) has become somewhat of a mecca for Passive House enthusiasts, and we’re enjoying watching his project come to life. 

The Red Lodge Passive House project is built according to Emu’s Climate Zone 6 package, which has been tested for a large suite of products and building materials to make sure that the result is a healthy and durable construction.  We rely heavily on up-front analysis to guide us, and now – through this project and others like it – we are entering into a phase of data collection that will help verify the performance of our designs.

Please follow along with Beartooth Passive House as they enter into the final stretch of their construction, and feel free to reach out in the comments below with any questions for Emu. 

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