LEED, Itaca, Casa Clima Conference by Agape

We recently took part in the LEED, CASACLIMA, ITACA conference, organized by Aghape last Thursday, September 16th in Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna). Entry ticket: € 30,00 + VAT per person. It seems as though this would have been an event not to miss. The organizer sold it as a "workshop and round table" featuring all major companies that certify sustainable architectural design in Italy today. It was going to be the first event of this kind ever organized in our country, bringing together all the institutions that want to guarantee quality in design and construction. It would have been a chance to finally send a well-defined message to the building industry and to the market, now that everything seems to be flooded with green wash. This event could have given a steady signal where the central national government is totally missing.

Mariana Pickering of Emu Architects Becomes a LEED Accredited Professional

Last week Emu's own Mariana Pickering took and passed the LEED AP exam at the Thompson Prometric center in Milan. Her trials and tribulations throughout the studing process can be viewed on her study blog - Somewhere Down the Line. Now that USGBC has rolled out the new version of LEED, the next step for Mariana will be to complete enough CE credits to maintain a BD&C specialization.