Venue Requirements for Emu Training Events

Emu strives to make our Passive House training accessible for small group learning by relying on donated venues.

It is our priority to ensure a positive student experience. We require a video call and physical site visit by an Emu prior to confirming any venue.

Please explore the tabs below to see what requirements are necessary for each section of the Boot Camp. This can be one or multiple locations, as long as the distance is not too great.

The typical Builder Boot Camp schedule is:

  • Prep Day: Emu unloads trailer and sets up
  • Day 1: Classroom Day (8hr) – Units 1-5
  • Day 2: Classroom Day (8hr) – Units 6-10
  • Day 3: Workshop Day (8hr) – Units 1-5
  • Day 4: Workshop Day (8hr) – Units 6-10
  • Day 5: Exam (3hr) + Social/Networking Event

Venue Requirements (explore all 3 tabs):

  • ability to comfortably and spaciously seat 15-25 people
  • presenter facilities (projector or large monitor)
  • extra table for Trainer at front of room for samples
  • access to bathroom / hand-washing facilities
  • +1000 sq.ft. of clear space, so that 4 teams of 4-6 students have room for the Pod frame pieces and an Emu folding table for supplies and cutting surface
  • preferably concrete/hard floor (Pods are 500lbs each. Mineral wool insulation will be swept up in between Units)
  • ideally outdoor, covered from rain (pavilion structure or temporary coverings), but secure overnight
  • if not outdoors, with ventilation (not just for COVID, but also for insulation discomfort)
  • ADA accessible with the ability to pull the Emu trailer reasonably close to the room
  • power/electrical hookup for final Pod testing
  • note on tables – we have our own tables and cutting mats for students, so a clear room is best, unless you are ok with them working on yours
  • access to bathrooms and hand-washing station
  • ability to leave pods overnight securely (preferably overnight parking of the truck + trailer as well)
  • availability to set up the room the day BEFORE the Pod Workshop starts. And ability to break it down and pack up either the night of the 2nd day or the next morning (please note that if the space is being used for an entire Boot Camp week, this means we would set up / break down on the weekends)
  • make sure it is okay to bring our own food in, and not use a prescribed caterer
  • note: we do not use power tools except electric drills; all students sign a Waiver with Emu
  • ability to comfortably and spaciously seat 15-25 people
  • each students needs access to outlet to plug in laptop
  • access to stable WiFi with at least 16Mbps
  • extra table for Proctor at front of room
  • access to bathroom / hand-washing facilities
  • quiet, free of noise and distraction
NOTE: All Boot Camps and Pod Workshops scheduled after December 2022 will be using our new, fancy Pods (oooh, la la!) which require a minimum 36″ doorway. The Pod pictured above is our current model.