The Healthy Side of Zero-Energy: High-Performance Buildings

This presentation was recorded at the February 13, 2019 meeting of the Boulder Chapter of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society. Emu is happy to be involved with this excellent organization that promotes efficiency in conjunction with renewables.

Video produced by Natural Focus Digital, an environmental video production and aerial cinematography company based in Boulder, Colorado. To learn more visit:

Presentation Description:

Buildings are for humans. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, and there is much more at stake for our health than a high energy bill. You may think that current building code effectively addresses issues such as mold, internal pollutants, and durability of buildings. However, there is a large gap between proven building science and mainstream applications.

Renewables, high-efficiency appliances, and LED lights are all fantastic and necessary innovations in the journey for humans to compensate for our high consumption of energy. But what about health, comfort, conservation, and durability? In the big push to revolutionize our built environment, we need not stop half way when there is proven data available for best practice when considering human health and comfort.

In this presentation, Enrico Bonilauri, of the Denver based international firm Emu Systems, will present cutting-edge research led by the Passive building movement and its practical and cost-effective implementation in the local building market.

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