Your partner in Passive.

Your Partner in Passive

Emu helps construction industry professionals navigate the journey from research to reality by providing a supportive community with access to training, services, and standardized systems.

Empowering the construction industry to build for the future.

Emu is a small business with a big heart and hopefully bigger impact. We believe strongly in the power of community, education, and collaboration. You will find that advanced building science is its own language, and that the most impactful thing you can do is to grow your ecosystem of trusted team members. Emu is fluent in Passive House, and we want to help grow that network.

Hands-Online Training

Online and In-Person training for busy design/build & construction professionals who are concerned about moisture control, air sealing, thermal bridging, healthy indoor air, durability, resiliency, and affordability of high-performance. [residential/commercial, new/retrofit, all climate zones]

Project Design/Build Services

With the Passive House standard as our benchmark, we offer an Emu Project ‘Boost’ – a streamlined analysis of early-stage projects to help identify and set high-performance building science goals. [single/multi-family residential, new/retrofit, all climate zones]

Builder Pilot Program

For qualified applicants, we provide an on/off-site, climate-specific, light-frame, residential construction system for Passive House certification, along with expert guidance through defined milestones. [single/multi-family residential, new/retrofit, all climate zones]

TRAINING ALERTS: Less than 5 seats remaining in the Dec 11-15 Colorado Passive Design/Build Boot Camp! Registration OPEN for the 2024 Online Winter Crew (Live Q&A’s: Wed 3-4pm MT; Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 + Feb 7, 14).

The world needs geeky builders.

Passive House is the gold standard for advanced building science education.

We specialize in giving builders who care about their craft the tools they need to make informed decisions with unsponsored, brand-neutral building science, free of sales pitches and product plugs.

Connect research to reality.

Check out our flexible online and in-person formats, as well our certification option for professionals to become Certified Passive House Tradespeople (CPHT).

Buildings are for people, not the planet. Passive House is for both.

We are building for the future. Get on board before you get left behind.

Emu offers professional training, consulting services, and component/systems analysis for all aspects of the design and construction of high quality building envelopes and healthy indoor environments, using the international Passive House standard as our benchmark.

Emu’s Mission:

To close the gap between mainstream construction practices and advanced, proven building science, and to empower our industry to build for the future and for resiliency through builder training and simple, standard, Passive systems.

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Hear what past students have to say:

Enrico is certainly on top of his game here. I could see that he is a foremost expert in this field.

May 2017 CPHT Course Participant

I’ve been a green builder for 16 years, and I came in here and it was like trying to drink from a fire hose.

Dave Edwards, Earthbound Homes – San Jose, CA

Great team! Enrico has the knowledge, Mariana runs a tight schedule and keeps everything on track!

May 2017 CPHT Course Participant

Building to the Passivhaus standard has much easier than I expected!  The material is easy to work with. The details are easy to execute. Enrico has provided thorough design details and is readily available to answer questions from the field. I’m in!

Alex Everett, Everett Building – Jackson, WY

A big thank you from Emu and our CPHT students to:

Our advanced builder training courses and workshops would not be possible without the support and product donation of several Product Partners from the Passive House materials industry. A big thank you to the following companies for donating materials to our workshops so that builder students can explore their options in an education-based, brand neutral environment.