Insulation materials: discovering the lambda value

The lambda value of a material indicates its ability to transfer heat: this property is therefore very important in the design of highly performing buildings and passive houses. The information commonly available is unfortunately quite confusing: with this article, we'll try and shed some light on the topic.

Passive House Window Talks 2016

A couple of weeks ago, we took part to the 2016 edition of the Passive House Window Talks. This year, the location was Riga, Latvia. The focus of the event is the importance of windows for comfort and energy efficiency of highly performing buidlings such as passive houses.

Certified construction system for Passive Houses

The construction system certification is possibly the least known certification offered by the Passivhaus Institut, and yet it can help spreading passive buildings all over the world. We worked on the first system certification for passive houses in a warm climate: we try and explain what it's all about.

Trends in Ceramics at CERSAIE 2013 (Bologna, Italy) | Houzz

Larger, thinner, and lighter. Textured, patterned, and combined. The overwhelming feeling from this year's edition of CERSAIE Bologna was that the ceramics industry is successfully launching this versatile material into place as a sustainable, cost-effective, technologically superior, and aesthetically pliable substitute for many other traditional building materials.

Residential architecture on a Texan scale: drawing inspiration from the 2012 AIA Dallas Home Tour

On my most recent visit to my hometown of Dallas, Texas, I was lucky enough to attend a home tour organized by the Dallas chapter of the The American Institute of Architects (AIA). After living here in Italy for almost…

VELUX Daylight Visulaizer - rendering daylight design

Daylight Design with Archicad 15 and Velux Daylight Visualizer

Keeping daylight design in mind not only allows for a more comfortable interior space, but can also give you substantial savings in energy consumption. By integrating ArchiCAD's BIM technology with Velux's Daylight Visualizer, architects can now precisely simulate daylighting in buildings as…